Drayton Harbor Hills: Third Party Review, Blaine, WA

drayton-harbor3Merit Engineering has has furnished the City of Blaine Public Works Department with third party review services during the development of Drayton Hillside above Drayton Harbor. The project area consisted of approximately 25 acres divided in to 24 lots located on the Drayton Hillside overlooking Drayton Harbor.

The main concern on this project was soil erosion control, slope stability, drayton-harbor2and storm water best management practices during site work on road and
utility installations.

The site work was limited to the upper portion of the hillside. Erosion control blankets consisting of hay held together by geo-fabric nets were installed on the facedrayton-harbor1 of cut and grass seeds were planted on the cut. Surface water was collected in two temporary ponds allowing for settlement of fine soils.

The water was further directed downhill into two steel Baker Tanks for further sedimentation to occur. The water from the Baker Tanks then flowed through a bioswale system into a ditch entering the bay.