City of Anacortes Level 1 Environmental Site Assessment

esa2Merit Engineering provided a complete Level I ESA study for this project. The project involved 60 acres of vacant land located adjacent to Washington State Highway 20. The majority of the land is mountainous and is heavily wooded with evergreen trees. The property overlooks Fidalgo Bay to the north. The city was planning to annex the property for a future growth area and the real estate transaction was pending. To fulfill the diligence requirement for the property transaction, Merit Engineering conducted a site investigation in accordance with ASTM 1527 guidelines. For this study, the following information was researched both from literature review and from site visual reconnaissance:

  • esa1U.S. EPA CERCLIS (Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Indexing System) and RCRIS (Resource Conservation and Recovery Act Information System).
  • Washington State Department of Ecology (DOE) for list of hazardous waste sites, state leaking UST (underground storage tank) and state registered UST list.
  • Local County and City government agencies were contacted for ownership and permit application histories, geologic critical/sensitive area ordinances including landslide hazards; erosion hazards; flood hazards; seismic hazards; volcanic hazards; and mine hazards.
  • We also conducted a site reconnaissance to verify the site conditions.
  • We studied literatures regarding site geologic; soil; surface and ground water; site ecological conditions.